We are like white canvases

“Every human being, when he comes to this world, is as if he were a white canvas, we know da dove parte, but we don’t know his journey/path nor his end. That mystery is what is beautiful about his existence.
It is the same for an artist, when he stands in front of a canvas there is only him, the canvas and the white…The artist is deve ascoltare in order to put any other color, but while he is painting intrecci di sesazioni si susseguono e attraversano him and his canvas.That which has been experienced, which has contaminated us is often un bagaglio ingombrante, but rich, perch allure pensive di fare a meno? Maybe we are afraid of not remaining pure in our artistic expression? Il tassello della propria esistenza fa parte di un progetto ampio misterioso. How many roads s’intrecciano in our life and how many leave a trace? A trace which is unfortunately is sometimes completely deleted? Such is the canvas, the mystery is finding one’s own trace, every artist trust the canvas with his own path.

The mystery and the transformation of n’opera is the metaphor of life that is born unwritten but surely inspired, the human being wants to find his own inspiration, his own calling in life, his own dimension.”