The invisible present is you…

I remember when the term “invisible present” saw the light of day.
On a day of “creative need”, we performed an experiment: we silently watched one of your videos of about 10 minutes, featuring your artwork and music chosen by you (present on the Home page).
We decided that when it ended, “while still hot” we would write down what it had prompted in us and out of a long list came out “the invisible present”.
An oil painting was born from it and than a solo exhibit, and now we are thinking about a traveling exhibit.
At the time you asked me: “Marina why?”
Why was this definition so strong that it went beyond time, so much so that is always seems relevant?
I think the invisible present… is you Tina
You have the ability to give life to something that is not there, which is really only hidden, and this happens in your paintings and in human re-lationships.
In your art it is as if the painting needed to have oxygen and light, you can tell from your winds, the sea currents, the lights which are always in movement and one minute they are one colour the next moment they are different… And yet the artwork is not a video!
But you can also tell from the subjects of your artwork, which are never just what you see…
but they imply… stories.

interview with Santina Portelli

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