Watercolours tell a story

Exhibit organised on May 16th 2019
at Galleria Spazio ARTLINE

I cheated

Yesterday evening, when I finished setting up the exhibition “Watercolours tell a story…”, although I liked it very much and although it was one of the rare times in which I was satisfied with myself and my collaborators, I felt something inexplicable, as if something wasn’t quite right.
This morning when I woke up I had a flash, un night and I felt mortified as if I had done the most terrible thing in the world. Me, the person who is always trying to be as fair as possible in everything I do, me, the one who “tries” … Why? Suddenly, the exhibition that I had finished came to my mind and all that joy I felt yesterday evening all of a sudden disappeared, I start thinking that there weren’t any oil paintings there and I feel so unfair, so ungrateful towards oil colours that I have loved so much and that have given so much satisfaction in my career.

Me, who had proclaimed to everyone that I would never stop doing oil paintings and consequently would never betray it on behalf of my health nor the practice of less tiring and easier techniques…… I CHEATED ON IT.
I SWEAR AND PROMISE that I will put on an exhibition of ONLY OIL PAINTINGS and I will make it so, so big that it will astonish you.